Thursday, December 6, 2007

70th Birthday Party!

I've only enjoyed her glorious smile and spirit for about 10 years, but for 70 years Gloria Tracy has been spreading joy and inspiration to everyone she knows. And we had a chance to contribute to her joy as she celebrated her 70th birthday!

It all began with the invitations, so Susan Levin and I got busy making these charming pop-ups to send out to family and friends. On the front of the card we placed a cute photo of Gloria as a little girl, and used vellum to spell out "The Sweet Life." We punched the corners to tuck the photo behind, and add to the charm.

We grabbed our 123-D Papercrafting System to make the pop-ups with Gloria's most recent photo. Good grief, I can only hope to look that fantastic on my 70th birthday! I'm sure that many of you know Gloria Tracy and Susan Levin as the dynamic duo of K1C2, LLC. and the master minds behind the fabulous Adornaments® products, plus as authors of Crochet Your Way. These two gals just published another set of books that I will be blogging about soon!

Of course, we HAD to make our famous birthday masks to add to the festivities. Susan also decorated dark chocolate bars for everyone at the party. Yummmmy!

When we asked Gloria what her favorite color was, she had a very difficult time answering, because she loves them all! She settled on yellow, so I put a single yellow rosebud in a vase for each place setting. They filled up the room nicely, and it was a lovely addition to the ambiance at the Hush Restaurant in Ventura.

Susan wrote trivia questions about Gloria and we glued them onto the backs of all the masks. Each one was different, and really ignited some lively conversation throughout the evening. I think my two favorite questions were, "What is Gloria's favorite accessory above the waist?" and the other was "What is Gloria's favorite accessory below the waist?" You'll have to ask her what the answers were! Toooo funny ;-) We really had a great time!

By the way...I had a little help making the masks. Scott LOVES Gloria, and he worked reeeally hard helping me cut out Gloria's spiked hairdo. Thanks Scott!

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BloggyMom said...

Great stuff....! My mom is turning 50-- I love the invitation. I might just have to try making something like that.