Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fashion Divas & Dummy

Yep, that's me and Alyson Udell and a dummy (the dummy is in the middle:-) We are in the big middle of a fashion runway shoot at the Duncan warehouse in Fresno. It was a freaky white dummy (even whiter than me) and her arms click off and on, thank goodness, since Alyson had tons of clothes to dress her with. There's always a few minutes to have a little fun in the middle of working so hard. Our feet are starting to hurt, so we we're feeling a little crazy. I just love hanging with Alyson and the gang there in the crafty kingdom of paint and glue and their crazy creative designers. Joan Fee was out sick, so it was weird not being with my fun friend. (get better Joan!) I'll check back with you in a few weeks with photos of the grand finale.

Click for a CLOSE-UP!

Oh, have I told you that you can click on nearly all of the photos in my blog to get a close-up? Sometimes it's good to see a project up close. I just take it for granted that you all know more than me about blogging and everything, but someone mentioned that the photos need to be bigger, so I guess not everyone knows that. So, click away!

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Anonymous said... are totally cute and I look like a rejected entourage member. Love the post though!!! I had so much!