Monday, October 18, 2010

Cupcake Cover - DIY Recycle Craft

Halloween Cupcake Dome - I made this Halloween Cupcake Dome to display my delicious carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese icing and a spooky spider, while I dream about how yummy it's going to taste.  I mean, don't you think it's perfect for keeping it fresh and pretty at the same time?
 It all started with a 2-liter orange soda bottle with an orange lid.  
When I went to the convenience store to pick it up, it was the only one in the whole store.  
I purposefully wanted that orange top on my cupcake dome!
 The first thing was to get the label off the side, and Scott jumped 
in with some citrus adhesive remover and saved the bottle from my idea to scratch it off.  
 Worked like a charm...
 I grabbed my heat tool and melted two holes in the top
so I could wire buttons and beads to it.
 Then I put a rubberband around it to establish a cutting line.  
I wanted it just the right height for my cupcake.
 I cut the bottle with a craft knife.
 I added stripes on the lid with a permanent marker, then went through my junk drawer 
to find buttons and objects I could glue or wire to the top.
 The wire went through the inside of the lid, up through the buttons 
and then back through to the inside of the lid.
 After bringing the wires together I twisted them and snipped them off.
 Next, I decided it needed a tassel, so I used my large Pattiewack Tassel Tool and 
black skinny ribbon to wind around the 2-inch section of the tool.
 I added a knotted loop at the top of the tassel and 
brought the ends down to make the hanger.
 Then I threaded a ribbon through the slot in the tool and 
tied a knot to make the neck of the tassel.
 All that was left was cutting off the bottom of the tassel
and slipping it off the tool.
 Two beads slipped over the hanger loop added just enough embellishment, I think.
 Scott gave me this wiring thingy and I glued one on the top to finish it nicely.
And there you have it, my DIY Cupcake Keeper for 
my delicious Halloween cup cake!


Jennifer Leigh said...

Whoa, this is amazing. Thank you for inspiring me!!

Crafterella said...

I love this idea and I love cupcakes, so it's perfect!

Kristina Baldwin said...

positively clever idea. thanks for sharing the tutorial!

Unknown said...

I love this! This great idea will be featured on Monday!!